Have you seen 2012?

The noisy sound is still blowing out everywhere relating to the end of the world, which will be done 2012. I don't know how far it's true. But its really famous everywhere and also one movie has been release relating to this. this is a action thrilled movie category named 2012. I love to watch this type of movie not for its reality but when its make from hollywood. Because the neat and clean and every movement of the movie look like a reality and seems its live telecast.

see more trailor relating to 2012 on youtube
I have watched the trailor of this movie from official movie website whowillsurvive2012.com really much attracting. From my friends source I came to know that it's showing in Durgapur Cinema theatre. But...but its not. It's showing in Inox Dreamplex City Centre Durgapur. But I have less chance to see it there today. But Hope that i will see this movie soon.
Have you seen the movie? How you feel its worth to seen, or have any idea to save the earth from it?

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