A nonsense call

I know! I know! what are you thinking...after taken a recent look on the title!!

But it's not true, which you are thinking. Now you have a question, then what? Wait....wait...

This is a funny thing which I seen yesterday, and came to share with you. Tell me onthing, what you will do when your boy friend / girl friend, whom you love most and suppose you are with your first lover sharing good moment with each other in a very silent place, where nobody is there? Actually I don't know about them, they are first lover or not?

Now coming to the point, what happend with them and what I am going to write? It's Ok now, then can I start?


The girl (sorry I don't know the name neither the girl nor the boy) is sitting in a cybercafe and waiting for her boy friend to chat. She connected all plug-ins, such as login into the yahoo messenger & on gtalk, then connected the headphone and started to view her own archieved image from the WebCam. Time is running out.. running out... 1 min... 2 minutes .... 5 10. .. No No.... Bas yaar. 10 minutes was enough because yeh love ka mamla hai, koi samay thore hi na jaane deta hai.

Now the boy came on the chat and starting the chatting. Hey...don't look at me like this ( I am not hearing anythign or seeing them ) I don't know what they talked. Yeah I heard something like "what are u doing now"? what yaar same questions again and again, iske baad kuch nahi hota hai kya puchne ke liye. Anyway...both are talking each other, and viewing each others WebCam.

Suddenly...tring...tring....tring....a ring broken all silent environment. No...its not mine..this is came from the girl's cellphone. Now I am concentrated on that call... because its too..kya batau...irritating for her, in the sense the call is coming from her relatives, and she trying to finish the task in no second...but she can't? The waiting boy (I mean boy friend), first time I seen him on the Webcam, he was still on the webcam and waiting for when his girl friend talk to him. The call duration was nearabout 15 minutes and both (girl & boy) were waiting for disconnect the call. Now again they connected through the voice chat. What a pleasant moment came for them, I can't able to describe it! Sorry!

That's it.

Now what you thinking...what should be the name of that call?

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