A remarkable and unpleasant incident (Part-3)

As you had go through my previous blogs about the same title named Part-1 & Part-2, now I am going to write the next and last part of this story.

In Part-2 you had read…one neighbor get wounded by slipped in toilet…. and after a joint discussion with landlord, the landlord charged an extra INR 50/- for per connection.

In this stage they have no other option except to accept it, and finally they accept it, including me (had nothing to do, also I had not protested it because it was good punishment for them). And this is best reward for them, I think. Isn’t? What do you think? What you will do at this situation?

The best part of the story was after punishment, they awakened about the spending of light, they timely and conscious about switch off the lights, whenever necessary. And they alerted about the social responsibility (I don’t know its social or not, but atleast in this complex) It’s best part. And after 2 month later, the landlord cut out the extra amount from their rent and joined the connection on their regular meter line. I knew this before, as the landlord discussed it personally with me to given the right punishment to them.

Now the days are going well and the story is end here.

Now suggest me, you like this story or not? I know there are plenty of grammatical mistake but as I told you before I am weak in English, so can’t help…but I will write to continue for rectify the grammatical mistake. Yeah…without help I can’t be able to do that, so your help is more important.

I will wait for your comments!
Previous Parts: Part-1, Part-2

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