A harrasing journey from Durgapur to Kolkata!

After writing my previous post regarding Data Entry Job in Durgapur on Saturday, I remembered a incident which is really harrased me! I am going to write down here today:
Few months ago, I had to go Kolkata for collecting the information and taking the data entry job. They distribute the work to done it in home after taking a security money. The place was near Dumdum, Kolkata. As it was my third time visit to kolkata and I have no much idea about city of joy, I don't know the route of bus, trains etc.
After discussing and knowing the exact place via phone from the concern, who giving the data entry job, I discussed it one of my colleague who used to go kolkata from Durgapur frequently. I asked him about the address, and how to reach there & also I was added that I want to go in morning and return at home (Durgapur) at night that day? He told me that, there are plenty of option to get reach at Kolkata from Durgapur. Firstly, you reach city centre, state buses (SBSTC) and private buses (volvo etc.) are leaving in every 15 minutes for Kolkata. You will reach kolkata as earlier by the bus, it takes only 3 hours to esplanade (Dharmatalla) also there are few buses who goes to Karunamayee (Salt Lake City). I also asked him that I want to travel to Durgapur from Kolkata at late night I want to know the last bus or train that leaves Kolkata to Durgapur? He again said stop your questions and listen me properly, he again replied me, the Karunamayee bus stand will be favorable for you to reach Dumdum at earliest. And after reach at the bus stand you will find more conveyance or transportation to reach at the concern. In take the same steps to return at home from Kolkata.
I followed the same rule or steps as said by my colleague, and reach at Kolkata at 12 noon and do the work for which I had gone there. It was take 4 hours approx. When I saw my clock it was 5:30 pm in Dumdum. I came back to Karunamoyee if there is any bus for Durgapur but not getting any at that time. That last was at 3:45 pm. I ring the colleague from there then he suggested me that you take a bus and came to Dharmatalla, you will found the last bus there which is at 6:00 pm. I get a bus for Dharmatalla from Karunamoyee and reached at Dharmatalla at 6:30 pm. There are no bus. What will I do now?
Again I call the colleague, then he again suggested came to howrah station and search any train if there is any or wait for the Bibhuti express which is 8:15 pm. I reach at Howrah station and there were no train at that time. I waited an hour for Bibhuti express. And finally reach at Durgapur Station. It was so harrased jounrney for me ever.
Now I am traveling with full knowledge with bus route, time table etc. After rushing at home, I find there are many sources of transportation from kolkata to reach Durgapur. I get the timing of buses for Durgapur from the Dharmatala bus stand and also from Karunamoyee Busstand (Salt Lake). For train I get the time-table from online. For bus you can search on justdial.

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