Laughter is the best medicine?

What would be a good medicine for a patient who suffering from general fever, cold & cough type of disease? Normally we go the medicine shop and take some medicines after advice from doctors, isn’t? Probably, yes. It’s not a long-term disease and there is nothing to worry about but sometimes it takes vital effect on our body.

One of our colleagues has been suffering from fever and cold & cough problems for 2-3 days. One day she came to the office and feeling very sick itself. So she took leave for that day. But the next day she was not present at the office. When we ask her what’s the problem, then she told us that she has fever and feeling very ailing and expression of grief on the phone. I talk with her and ask about her, then same thing she told me that she is feeling very weak, getting apprehension about the disease and weeping continuously. I like her smiling and weeping mood; because in both situations she is looking very cute and I noticed that in every bad situation she couldn’t stop herself to decrease moan from her eyes. Yeah. So she crying out loudly on phone and saying that I am not coming because the illness, and feeling very bad.

What can I do for her at that moment and also on phone? I want to advice her that don’t be like childish, its average and also it’s not a giant predicament from which you are suffering. It was done because the weather changes. But it’ll works? I thought myself for a while, but not to her. But I want to stop her weeping mood, so I though about a comic story and not for the medicine, because medicine is a addiction, as I have read in magazines and articles that laugh is the good medicine for the body also old says that laugh is a good medicine for the health, a comedy could be as effective as going for a run in boosting health, and said to her. The comic story was all about one of our colleague; we always used to laugh about his character in absent of him. When I said to her about the comic story then she smiles, and clean her wet face, as I feel that. After that I told her that do take rest for a day or two. All will be the fine and you will be get rid from it soon and put the receiver.

At the same day we (as it was the idea of our Sr. staff, who is very frank and very endearing person also bears good knowledge and character about this kind of stuffs) decided to collect a sum of money from all the colleagues and give her a little surprise for her careness. We collected the money and given a jar of Horlicks and some fruit such as apple to her through one of our coworker who used to live at the same place where she residing.

I though after that what would be a good medicine for a patient. I think the smile on her face is works better than a medical dose.

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