Now the winter came in Durgapur!

After waiting from Durgapuja to Kali Puja (Deepawali) finally it’s come in November. I am talking about the winter season, which was in waiting list. And its come now. The weather was too hot upto Kali Puja. But now the weather is changed and the winter is came after a long waiting. I like this season, and not only me, my friend circle like the same as because this season is really looks like enjoyable in Durgapur.

Modern Durgapur is really superb as the new climbing towers, flats & buildings, residential complexes, connecting roads from throughout the Durgapur, Big Bazaar, inox movies (dreamplex, Durgapur) changed the old Durgapur to a new and modern Durgapur and thanks fro Bengal Shristi and ADDA for their great work of modernisation of Durgapur. The lighting of Durgapur make it precious in nights and its look better when there is the winter season. The place really feel better and this winter season came with the picnic enjoyment throughout the season. I remember I always used to go to Kumar Mangalam Park, Durgapur to have fun with friends and picnic at this park, also its came to a new lookup and the park is really looking nice. Also it’s a great place for lovers and best picnic spot. The boating system in the lake in the park make it beautiful and enjoyable for every family who brings there family for fun & enjoyment mood. I’m enjoying this season well, hope you will enjoy this season too.

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