A visit to Barjora after a long time

It's too long, I forget when I was last visited this place. Oh sorry, I forget to say the name of the place, its Barjora, situated in Bankura district in West Bengal. A nice place with nice people and culture. Also Bankura district is famous for its marvellous education level, which is well known to the world.

I visited Barjora few days ago. I like to visit or travel such nice places for their culture, nature and its people. I don't know when I visited last this place or when I crossed the Durgapur Barrage (on Damoder River). Oh forget Durgapur Barrage is one of the most attractions of tourist who came to travel in Durgapur. Also Durgapur barrage connect the Bankura district with Durgapur, its only one route.

Durgapur Barrage is one of the most tourist attraction also you can enjoy fishing by accompanying the experienced fisherman. See the water force when the water comes from lock-gates of bridge, its amazing. I like it especially in rainy season when the flow of water is really looking amazing. I have remember my school days when I come often at this place in early morning to see the various kind of birds, hearing there beautiful sweet voices and also welcoming the sunrise. Boating and fishing facilities also available here on demand. hey...again forget....its also a hot spot for picnic specially on the christmas & new year.

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