In search of programe for Sunday!

The temperature getting grows after sunrise. I was on the bed suddenly awake with a noisy voice containing ‘wake up, its 10 o’clock.’

The voice was extracted me from the bed. But there is nothing to worry about because today is my off day and I have no tension for the office. So I started the FM Radio (92.7 Big FM, aired from Asansol) and again slept on the bed but after a break I can’t concentrate on the sleep also I started the FM the songs were sounded well, so I can't concetrate again on sleep. I got up and taken a glass of water and after that have done my daily routine. I have not made any preparation for the special day, which comes once in a week.

Going throughout the day, the programme will be taken in between. The time is passing out…..lets see what happen after sunset and in cold temperature. Hope to go for a movie in Inox or in Durgapur Cinema or to hang around in modern durgapur, Big Bazaar, City Centre with friends.

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