A Feast in Winter Night

The days running fast, when then weekend gets lost I can't understand. As the week start from a lots of "khawa-dawa" i mean, I got many invitations such as to participate in marriage ceremony of my relatives. But as my job have no off excluding Sunday, so I can't attend some of them.
The most memorable day was for me that is Monday as because when I came from office and gather in the friends circle for a moment, where we have planned for a feast or which I mean in bengali "Khawa-dawa". And it was not for post dated, it's for that day and that time i mean on spot.
The programmed schedule at spot. We have contributed Rs. 50/- each, there were 7 friends where contributed and one of them arranged the "Kosa mangsho" a type of meat, which is really delicious taste, as he done well in past in such occassions, so we had given the charged for the same to do this job. He prepared it and also with "Dhaniya Pata Chatni", "Special Salad of Sasa & Pyaaz (Cucumber & Onion)" and we arranged the readymade "Roti" from "Kohinoor Hotel".
The occassion was really good and we have enjoyed it in winter season and i think it was more pleasant rather than attend a marriage party.

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