Hope for rain in Durgapur

Saturday, April 25, 2010, 3:30 PM

The sky getting dark in early afternoon, afternoon changed in evening but it's only 3 pm onwards.... I was at the heart of Durgapur, I mean in City Centre near to Big Bazar, Dreamplex for some official work. 
After completing my work I was just moved to the home route, when I heard my name which was coming from outside, the voice was the one of my friend.  He also is came to the city centre area for some work.

He shouted at me what I am doing here in the hot weather, I replied him that I am here for some office work, and also indicated my finger on the sky to show him the clouds which came after a long time.   After a wait......long wait the clouds seen on the sky in Durgapur, I was sure that today (actually satruday) we get relief atleast from this hot temperature.

But I was wrong, at 4:00 pm the clouds give few drops in the Durgapur and go away.

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