Spending Eight (8) hours in long queue for servicing my motorcycle


How do you feel when your best day and only one day in a week which is yours and you spend this day in a queue for servicing your motorcycle?
Sunday is very famous among the people who are stuck into the 9 to 5 jobs.  Because this is the only day when we get a leave.  That was called our day. Isn't? Atleast for me its.  As because I will have to take my bike into the servicing centre.

I missed the chance last Sunday to servicing my motorcycle, as because when I wake up from the bed it was already 8:30 am morning. When I reached at the service centre at Dutta Automobiles there was a long queue for the servicing of bikes. So I left the place last Sunday.  But this Sunday I don't want to loose the chance. It is something like to getting a jackpot in a weekly lottery.  I have to prepare for it to win the jackpot in this Sunday.

Today, I wake up early at 6:45 am morning and after brushing my tooth, started the bike and go to the Dutta Automobiles in Benachity for servicing my bike.  There are some problems in my bike, i.e. clutch problem, indicator not flashing during turn, Headlights focus its light on skies etc., which I have to solve. When I came to the venue, the queue almost getting long. A person saying he was came at 4 am in the morning to servicing his bike. I thought I am again getting late, someone has got the jackpot.

But I waited long, not too much just 8 hours from 7 am to 2:30 pm to service my bike. It's only have the problem that indicator light's problem, clutch problem and headlight was focusing on the skies, that's it. And I was mainly suffering the problem of the indicators which was not flashes during a turn, and it's very difficult to ride the motorbike in any turning. And it has taken 8 hours, as because the long queue of the members, who also came for the servicing their motorbikes.

Atleast I solved the problem of indicator, headlights and clutch problems of my bike and getting relief.


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