Changed my old moneybag!!!

There is nothing new from the life but there is something which is special we do something in life but forget to remember.  That's what has been done few hours ago.  Some of my friend decided to go to the market place (Not purchasing anything just for fun and timepass).  We stop at the wallet shop who used to sale the moneybags, belts, handbag, ladies handbag, goggle frame etc.

One of my friend wanted my moneybag and I just given him.  He removed all the papers including visiting cards and other things from the moneybag and destroyed the moneybag.  I said to him, what are you doing?  He replied by returning my papers that your moneybag is now old, change it and he destroyed the moneybag at once. After that he chooses a purse and given it to me by paying from my moneybag.

And this incident will be memorable, which always we forget to collect from the life. 

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