A unplanned journey to Deul on Monday with Friends!

Shiva Temple at Deul (approx 300 yrs old)

I am never experienced the such life what I enjoyed today. The incident or the experience which I gain is I prepared for the office in morning but gone somewhere else that is Deul for the picnic organised by my friends and I have to take in part.
Flowers ploughing in Park area
Flowers at Deul Park area
In morning at 9:00 am I prepared for the office and started my bike to the way of office at Bidhan Nagar. But at when I arrived at Benachity my friends their preparing for the Picnic at Deul. Deul is 30 km approx from Benachity. Their force took me there. It's really a nice place in bank of Ajay River. I gone there by my bike to follow their 4 wheeler.
FEW PIC TAKEN FROM THE GARDEN OF DEUL PARK:Dolphin Art in Deul ParkA Globe in Deul Park
It's really a nice experience and have a wonderful day for me. We have taken some snaps from there. They are shown above. Enjoy! Life is nothing but an enjoyment every pals and every beat of heart!

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