Be safe by helmet during bike riding

First time, today, I wore the helmet while riding my Hero Honda bike. You know why I wore it first time, for practice to wear the helmet for safety. On the way of home from office I saw two guys are stopped by the police. I stop to know what’s going there. But after a while (without asking from anyone) I get the all stuff in no second. There was a checking for bike riders who have two wheeler and they ride without helmet (safety equipment while riding the bike).

I scared because I never use the helmet before, truly I don’t like to wear it because I cannot see my surrounding area also helmet does not fit to my head. So I never use it before. But today I have to do, as because my colleagues tell me often that you wear the helmet, its gives you safety while riding the bike. I never ear that. When I saw the yesterday’s situation I thought about it. And now today I did, not professionally, but as practice.

It’s true that wearing helmet while riding is safety in all way. It was such a nice experience not only from the safety but also from the pollution as well as environment pollution.

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