I saw her at front of notice board

I learnt that how to continue your own task timely or how to use time management for preparation or balance the equality between job and study. I also remembered my first day when I entered the college at 11:30 am and I have to wait for another 1 hour for my next class. And that is where I seen that beautiful face in front of notice board where she note down the timing for classes or routine in a separate paper on her hand. I also reach at the front of notice board to see what is going there, because there were more students standing in front of notice board. I reach at the notice board by passing other students. But before copy the routine into my exercise book, I saw her first time in a short distance. I looked at her eyes, she also looked at me but after 5 seconds she removed from there and I got attention to the notice board.

I never attracted to a woman before also I am bit shy about this matter. I don’t like to engage myself into in any relationship, but I want, but not able to do it anyway. I don’t know why? May be the first cause for it that I don’t like to talk rubbish with people without having any meaning of what they are talking about. I got it after thinking and motivating me about this relationship matter. But actually I don’t know why I am too unaware about this relationship matter?

I get through the routine, from where I understand that I have missed my first class, not remember but it was compulsory English class. Anyway I have another class of Political Science in 12:15 pm. I have prepared for the next class.

I got extremely happy when I saw her again sitting beside one bench (seat) from me. The class has been started and one madam taken that class of Political Science. This is my first experience of my first class in college life. The class ended at 1 pm. I left the classroom, and again watched the routine which shows me that I have another class of Economics at 3:30 pm, that means I have to wait another two and half hour, it was very difficult for me, because I have no patient.

So I left the college and get out from the front gate of college where I saw her again in the Bus stand waiting for the bus. I left the college from my bicycle.

Hope you will enjoy this…. I will be back again…..happy reading.

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