She was on my dream - I was writing a romantic love letter

I was much curious and excited to study in college and my dream became true after confirmation of my admission in first year and attended my first class in college premises. It was so excited and charmed (this excitement was not real for study but attraction of the girls in the college, and not only me, many students of my age go to the college for the same excitement, where I came to know the real fact about college) and the excitement became doubled when I saw that very cute looking girl.

I became so thoughtful about that girl who came very often in my dreams; (in my dreams I was writing a love letter to her and there are more pages laying on the surface because lack of writing knowledge about love letters) I was pleased to think about, that I was going to make a girlfriend; I mean I will have also a girlfriend like other have. (But it’s in my dream). I always think about myself that I am different from others, but when I am in dreamt I couldn’t think so, as because like me others are thinking too in this way. So I get wrong in this fact and find myself in the same category with guys.

But it’s true that I felt something…something, that is why I reached timely in college for one month regularly, also at that time period I forgotten many times about my part time job which I was doing at that time. Now you might guess right here that, I were busy to gather the information regarding the girl and planning to purpose her. But it’s wrong.

How could I think so? I had previously told you that I am shy and I never talked to any girl before. I knew that it’s a vital problem for many like us, who like someone but couldn’t speak about this romance heart feeling truth and romantic ideas. I was one of them. But before I proceed to talk, I want to know her properly. On first day when she was standing at the bus stand, I supposed that she could live around my surrounding place, I was not well known about the bus routes but aware about that route which goes to my house, as because I saw her on that route for waiting for bus. So I thought she was live nearby my bus route. I was right on my first day, because she was also don’t aware about the bus route and accidentally she was on the wrong bus for her home.

After first day of college, I travel through the bus to the college way, because I thought that she was too came in the same bus and I could be able to see her again. But I never find her n the same bus. After few days in college, I came to know that we have only two subjects were common, they were Political Science and other was Compulsory English. As because I never find her in another classes which I attended. Also I came to know about that she live in B-Zone (a place in Durgapur township) because I saw she taken the opposite bus route after her first day, where the buses are goes to the B-zone bound instead of my home route.

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