My Loneliness

Have you experienced loneliness? It’s very difficult to be alone, I was facing the same problem in my college days, which was bit interesting. read it...and enjoy.

It was the month of February, when the sun is in his younger appearance, the rays of the sun is quite bitterer. I have remember on that day I have a Political Science class at 3:00 pm, but I was busy in my part time job and guessed that I will not be able to reach at time for the class, but I never want to disappear from that class. You know why.

I had only my job early but some finish work has been pending. But I have no concentration on the job because it’s already 2:45 pm so I get left from there and came to college in 3:15 pm with my bicycle. The college premises looks like a lonely space, I only saw some students with their girlfriend (as I am not sure, but how you will take, when you saw a girl and a boy talking in the lost world, where nobody present) who are talking outside from the college.

I entered the college gate and go to cycle stand to keep my bicycle, I saw the stand rows have no bicycle, but my bicycle filled the gap. As I was late for the class, I stand my cycle without notice anything and reach at class after running a few seconds from the cycle stand.

I found the crowd in the class. Thank God, the teacher is not came yet for taking the class, I entered the college and stuck to my seat and give an eye to the entire class, the class have less students than any others day, firstly I can’t remember that it’s was Saturday.

She sat beside my seat. It was a good chance / time for me to talk with her, but second minutes passed, I thought, what will I ask her? Then I came to the final decision that I will ask her name, because I don’t know her name yet in my two months college period, I thought. I go to proceed about what I thought few minutes ago, but at the same time teacher has been entered the class and I became motionless on my seat.

The class get dissolved early after attendance because the lack presence of students and afterall its 3:40 pm. I came outside from the class, and looking very tired, not because for that I came through cycle in sunny day, it’s the condition of loneliness. I feel myself very alone. She crossed me near notice board on the way of verandah to exit door of college. I looked her once and want to talk with her, but she have with their friends. I can’t talk with her.

I came to the cycle stand again, I saw my cycle which is laying alone in the very large area. I thought what a luck, the bicycle have same condition as me, I unlocked my bicycle and took it from the stand and left the college.

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