I want a healthy life rather than a struggling with anxiety disorders

The days was passing by its own pace but I never get the chance to talk with her, but the word chance was not in my favour, because I have no courage as always I had. Also have more headache other than talking with her.

At the same period, I found myself in trouble with part time job, because it's too boring to doing only one task everyday and have no time to do any other thing. I was feeling bored, have no courage to do anything. But I stuck with my job like a bike rider getting stuck in traffic jam or on a red light signal.

Getting rid from this panic and disbalance of life, I looking for a solution for it. I started to net surfing and find the articles about panic,
struggling with anxiety disorders also have headache and weakness.

For coming out this panic I started the exercise and mind balance. I get concentration in a good life, a normal life which I want to live. I want to become free from any panic, whatever, the
attraction of a girl, how to manage a girl, how to make girlfriend, just I want to my own freedom as a normal human being have. I want to live my life. I regularise my schedule for morning walk with the involvement of some friends. Who advised me when I was sad and I started the morning walk everyday.

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