The March is seems the mid May or June

The early March looks like the mid May or June, as because the summer season is came in a hard hitting mood. The Sun is shining in its full attraction, as its seems that, people are in need of more Vitamin-D, so sun is kind enough to provide the same.

The hot weather is much bitter in the yearly March. The way the sun is shining, it’s difficult to get out from the home. Not. I am not afraid of the rays of sun, I am not going to touch with sunstroke, but I fear about my bike, which is running on the way, in the hot summer and I scared about the puncture of my bike’s tyre and the thought came in my mind first. What will happen, if the tyre will puncture in the middle of the road, I will have to get the bike by hand in the home as because there are no place or automobile shop to stay there and repair the puncture tyre.

But I have no alternative; I will have to ride the bike on the road which goes to my home to office and office to home. It’s not a problem at all for me, as because I have to spend only few minute to travel on the road and became idle in the air conditioner office.

But I was thinking about the people who work hard in this hot season where there are no shade and they works everyday in this hot summer. How they work hard at this hard temperature? The thought which was said in the above line is came when, I was in a hotel for lunch and one people came there and started talking about the feature of this summer. Also he talking about a lady labour, who is working nearby a construction building and she take 8-10 bricks at her head.

Can you imagine that in this hot summer, a lady can take 8-10 bricks at her head; can you do it for 8 hours continuously? I think I never be able to do the same task more than one day or two, which the lady labourer doing everyday. Amazing! isn't??

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