I feel relaxed after the drinks

I found myself so irritate during the past week, which also affects my health. The balance of life is unstable throughout the week, I can't return home during the day, in this week.  As because the hot weather of summer season.

I came early at 10 am at my office situated at Bidhan Nagar and return home at 9 pm onwards.  You will think its 12 hrs job, but not, in meantime we have a lunch time for 4 hours and the office start again 5:30 pm.  Yesterday (saturday), I can't be able to lunch, I feel myself so weak and pathetic, and I thought that today i will go home, but can't as I feeling weak.

In lunch time I came outside to go for the lunch at home, where I found one of my friend coming from Bidhan Nagar and we met near Mission Hospital and he invited me to chilled out in this summer. I mean he invited me to take soft drink but not he was inviting me for a hard drink (alcoholic drink), firstly, I told him that I have office after my lunch, so i can't. But he pressurised me to take a beer, and I denied but after pressurised I joined him for only one glass.

From where I forget about the lunch and after finishing our drink we came out from the shop. And he turned away to his way. But I can't decide what will I do? After sometime I decided to go office, not home. And I turned my bike to the way of office. After taking the drink I feel good and rested alone in the office in a physical cold environment.

This is really a good feel after that and I find myself so relaxed.

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