Powercut, loadshading a big problem in summer.

How you feel, when you faced the problem of electricity and also in summer, when peoples wants to get some relief in nights to rest. I know you will abused the electricity department. 
In our locality its rare case to cutout the electricity or poweroff, specially its creates problem in summer season. Its irritates peoples. From few days the loadshading is continues in nights when we are going to sleep and its create much problem.
Last night I have faced the such problem, when I came home from the office and go to the bathroom for fresh.  The weather was hot and its seems something has been stuck to my body. After refresh, I sitted for the night dinner, after finishing one "Roti", the power has been gone, and there were only the darkness exists. I burn the candles and finished my dinner.
It was already half an hour, when I waited for the electricity, but it not came. I thought it'll not come, so i prepared for the sleep as because feeling tired.  But I can't concentrate on sleeping because of the loadshading and the hot weather, so I came outside of the home. Finally after sometime the power has came and I go to the bed.
So power cut (loadshading) is really harras us, you have the solution for it?

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