How do you experience, when you received a SMS from a friend after a long duration of time?

How do you experience, when you received a SMS from a friend after a long duration of time? Or being in touch with a friend after long time by telephone or through the chatting and interact with social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook or Twitter?


I am just trying to write my way of thinking about the last night when I received a text message from a friend after long time. As before receiving the text message I was sad, under tension of work and in rough mood. But after getting such message I became feel much relief from what I felt sometime ago. And I think you will be surprised too after getting such communication unexpectedly and feel good.


We get tired of chasing our dreams, tired of commute to work everyday to find unappreciative bosses and impolite co-workers that exhaust of our energy and happiness? But being in competition we always forget the truth of life, life is not only a competition, well life is to enjoy with every possibility and with each other.  But we make it a competition.  We forget our relations with friends, relatives etc.


The communication gap going bigger and bigger between the relationships among the people.  We forgetting our friends, family even parents for our own self-interested desire and it's not called a life. These days the life is so busy to achieve the careers goal.  Everyone is in pressure of competition / contest / match and tried to go on the top by winning it. I have remembered the hindi movie 3 Idiots, the professor saying raising his hands, 'life is a race and if you do not run fast, others will pip you to the post', we make it true in our real life by accepting it. But bieng in competition and chasing a good life, we get alone in the real life. Everyone is running for a good wealthy and healthy life but in this race we are forgetting something. Isn't?


Did you never felt pleasure and real expression when meeting or talking with friends or relatives after long time? I know, you do and its real expression which comes naturally and we talk long.


Life would be completely different if we could give some time to himself/herself, and earn positive influence from the same, no matter where we are and what we are doing but faith upon himself/herself is the key of a good and wealthy life.  Being in touch with friends, family, relatives we can get relief from anxiety, stress and tension.

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