Are you going to shopping of Mobile handset or .......???

Last week I visited Big Bazar (Dreamplex) in City Centre, Durgapur for Mobile Marketing or Shopping for the friends.  As there are many shops in Benachity who sell mobiles with different branded such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG etc. apart from that there are many new mobile handsets model came in the market with exciting features and offers.  In this case it's very difficult to choose the mobile handset and proceed to buy.

We reach at Big Bazar stoppage for a better deal with Mobile Marketing, but after getting more handset no one is suitable for him. The place was packed with the peoples as because it was Sunday and more families memebers are shopping in the shopping mall. We left the counter and goes to the Suhatta shopping mall and done the same thing as done in the Big Bazar counter.  I asked him, "Tumi ki satti ekhane mobile kinte esecho, naki chokh ta fresh karte esecho?" (You are really here for purchase a mobile handset or came for some entertainment?). After a big pause he replied me in angry mood, but I can't think, (his face was turned around the girls who passed through him) "Tahle ki maja karte esechi, tail puriye"? (I am here for entertainment, with the cost of fuel of bike?). After that I can't asked him anything and left the Suhatta shopping mall with him.

We again came back to the benachity market and he decided to purchase it after some month when the mobile handset will be cheap. I said it's OK and get idle as because I understood why he is came in the shopping mall.

But in the meantime I had seen a mobile handset which was really good.  I thought about that and decided to purchase it in few month as because the condition of pocket money is down.  And also I will have to buy one recently as because my mobile handset is growing older and its want changes.

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