A good inspirational hindi movie “Vaada Raha…I promise”

I want to relax after getting tired and feeling lonliness from the work. Past week unfortunately I have a movie named “Vaada Raha…I promise”, which was kept by someone in my table desk. I never heard this movie name before. I saw the actor Bobby Deol and actress Kangana Ranaut on the wrapper; I thought it’ll be a waste movie, watching it means I will loose my precious time. But I have no other/alteration option, because I was getting bore and feel tired because of no work in the schedule that day. Also I have more than 1000 tracks of hindi/bengali/english songs which were not comfortable at that time.

I have to pass another 4 hours in the office. What will I do?

I inserted the movie disk in the CD-ROM drive and played it on the computer. As my thought, movie begins like that. Same love puzzles stories, but has no other option; I go for the more with tiredness and have no concentration on the movie.

After few minutes the story moved to another zone, an inspirational zone. I get concentrated on it, because I like these types of movies. And after what?? The movie is going very well, and also it has a nice little cast, his name in the movie was “Roshan”. Nice boy! I thought you love to, if you see this little boy in the movie, when he inspires the actor Bobby Deol, who characterized as Dr. Duke in the movie, who get injured in a car accident, and lost everything, also love when the actress Kangana Ranaut decline him from her life after accident.

The greatest part taken by the little boy Dwij Yadav, I mean “Roshan”, who nicely extended the movie from his own shoulder, a naughty boy, who was affected by the incurable cancer, but he always happy and entertain all the staffs and patients in the hospital.

Every cast, except Kangana, has their nice influence and work in the movie. It’s fully a hopeful movie and a dose to learn something, when we lost our hope, and find everything dark.

But one thing, I just lost my tiredness in between watching the movie, because it’s give me the reason to be happy. Nice work of little star, which give me pleasure and happiness, specially his naughty work (like Asin, who played a naughty character in hindi movie Ghajini), like joking with sardarjee.

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