Previous week --- IN -- PAATHSHAALA

The previous week are tough for me have no time to come online often.  Also there is nothing new news about what my thoughts, as because I was not able to think about anything, rather than my work pressure of my job.

BTW, In previous week I have watched a hindi movie named "Paathshaala (movie review)" starer Nana Patekar, Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia (One of my favourite actress in Bollywood, her smile was really nice, that's why I am FIDA on her).

The songs of the movie is really good.  The story line was well and also an awakening term for students and parents.  That's it I can't write more otherwise movie kaise dekhoge jab mein hi sab bata dunga.  Dekhlo, achi....lagegi.... atleast songs and the school life.

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