And finally the Sun looses his power from the cloud of rains. Yes it's the rainy season here...and it's seems that the sun and clouds are playing a game something like we play in our childhood named "Aankhmicholi" or the play of the Eyes (a game played and most popular among the children in India, specially in village where a group of boys or girls play it from a black ribbon knoting it on the eye). Have you play it ever?

The situation is the same in the sky, often clouds came onto the sky and we getting rain and sometime sun is shining after passing the gap of clouds and give us the temperature.

So there is a great thing to learnt, don't be a looser. Everything and everywhere is possiblity to come even in a bad situation of life. Life is something like that, sometime bad, sometime happy. But nothing will remain long it's just for sometime, just like the sun and clouds. Kabhi dhoop kabhi chao! That's is called life. So why worry about, Aaj nahi to kal tumhara hoga (Today may be a day of trouble, depressing, disasterous, full of grief but tomorrow may brings new and exciting experiences, sucees, joy and finally tomorrow will be the cause for celebration)!

Enjoy life by playing Aankhmicholi and enjoy it in every steps of life, because time is passing, isn't?

Have a good day! more thought and positive words click here!

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