Dilemma of bike puncture in night!

What will you do when you saw that you two wheeler bike is got puncture and the it's late 10 pm onwards and you are in likely to place which is village and looking something like the forest area and there is no automobile or bike repairing shop atleast 3-4 KM nearby, and without bike you cannot be able to get the transport here to go to home, but don't think about it'll open till time mentioned above?

What....any thinking???

It was happend with me past Wednesday when I stair down from the office at late night and saw my bike is got punctured.  Firstly I supposed to take it to nearby shop, but one of my colleague intructed me to don't take it away, keep it somewhere in the office because it's 10 pm already and you will not be able to find any shop nearby area.

I thoughted once about what he said and I replied to him, then what will I do?  How can I go to home?  He suggested me that I will drop you on the main road and hope you will find there an alternative source to go to home.  I thanked him for his advice and kept the bike in the office premises.

When we reach at the main road, we saw a person riding bike and he is known. By the chance he (rider) looked at once, in the flash light from the opposite site from a truck, we also saw him clearly.  He is our colleague also.  Who also live where I live.  And after a brief talking he gifted his me his back seat and finally I recover from this dilemma and reach at home.

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