Care about your childs need and give them the happy situation!

"Where are you, came back where are you ..." and after the pause, sentence get shades with tears from eyes and only the vacant place was there. it's not a story from a movie or the novel which we read and forget it forever.
This is a real one which came across to me while going to the office, a little boy was happy to see the sweet shop and the sweet inside the shop and accordingly he indicated his mother for the Rasgullas.  And the child is too little and I had remember my days when I was little too and naughty. I was the fond of the Sweets and grab it in no way, if I saw in the house there were any sweets in any corner. I know everyone loves sweets even who have the diabetes.

Anyway, I turn to the Mom and Son case as said above. So mom not concentrated on what the child said.  But when she concentrated the child was not there, and she shed tears.  The shopkeeper who concentrated to this child and mother case, told her here is your child why you crying? And after she knew all the story, what the child told to her.

The mother is on the sweet shop and gossip with someone, and didn't care about what the child wanted from her.  One person who is inside the shop indicate the child from his finger to come to me, and the child get in the shop and the person given him a sweet and the child was happy to get it. In between mother didn't get the child beside her so she crying out.

We always don't care about what childrens want and how will they happy, this short piece of story get a bigger story in the future, care about your child!

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