Where to invest - in Bank for Fixed Deposit or in Market?

I am in a problem and want to resolve but can't able to correct it.  The problem is mainly came from my financial decision, I will have to take some good steps towards investing.  But the problem is How and where?  As I am not financial stable and have more dream to do something in my life. And I want to go by the way of my dream to come it true.

I just written it because few hours ago I am thinking about the fixed deposit, its good idea to invest here and also no risk about market.  I am concentrating about it, but don't know how much I will get the return because its take much time to return a good amount. 

But the market not well in these time to invest the hard earned money and its risky in all sense.  I taken the opinion from my friends who suggest me to invest in fixed deposit.  But I am not finalised yet what to do?

Also its much wiseable to invest in FD rather than risk zone, I mean market.  Just landed on an article related with the Is it time to bank on fixed deposit, from where I changed the idea to invest in good way not in the risky zone.  But its not firm yet. I have to think about it and go ahead by carefully.

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