Reserved this sunday for bike servicing - unfortunately enjoying this cool youtube video

I scheduled my program yesterday for this Sunday to do things which is needy and necessary in the hand.  And they are in my priority list for this Sunday. And the top most of in my priority of works are to go to automobile servicing centre to servicing my bike.  And it's in my top list because I have only 2 free servicing left and have no time, it's almost over or going to over in next week. So bike servicing is in my priority for today.

I wake up early today at 7:15 am to get in queue for the servicing line.  But when I reached at the servicing centre, where I saw the queue is much long, I never expected it'll be sunch long in the ealry morning.  It's almost 50 and I left the place by deciding that I will came here again in next Sunday.

So my schedule gone wrong, but hope next will I wake up early in 5:30 so that I will be in the 1st place of servicing my bike. Now enjoying the surfing on net and time pass!  Oh, yaahh you can also watch this interesting YouTube video....Cyril Takayama Magic..... really great!

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