Festival Shopping for Durgapuja .......... Don't forget to watch the amazing lighting show from Youtube...

Kire chasma (Goggle) ta to bhaloi ache dekhchi....kakhon kinli?

Are eta fashioner janyo noy, eta doctorer prescription.......chokhe kam dekha jache.....pujor baajaar eseche bhalo kore dekhte hobe....

After this gossip....he turned back to him and asked him that you have done your shopping (pujor bajaar)? And the conversation gone long.....

Staring on him and a big pause he replied me that, not now but have purchased four shirts, two jeans and one goggles on past Wednesday.  But ekta gandogol hoya gacha, googgle ta theek dei ni, Goggles'er Frame ta theek hoyeni. Aar tor to dekha hoyeni, tai eka-eka giye kine fellam, aar bolis na jeta bonus pelam tar theke aadhek ta kine felechi nijer janyo, tabuo anek kichu ekhono baaki...ekhono baba, maa aar gharer sabar janyo to jama kaapad kinte hobe...tai bhavchi ei Rabibar (Sunday) hoyto seta karar sujog pabo.

This is the some conversation in this month, because this month is special for everyone in Durgapur as because the Durgapuja festival is in this month.  So its very popular among the people of Durgapur as well as in West Bengal.  Everyone is busy with shopping and marketing for his family & relatives as Festival Shopping.  Everyone is engaged in Shopping.  The rus in the market is high and its the weather is clear.  This is the only one festival where all friends and relatives meet together at a place.

I like this festival very much since my childhood.  I like the lighting of the puja pandals and specially like the puja pandala's announcement to welcome in the Bengali language saying something like this....... Door dooranta theke aagata darshanyatri der janayee shaaradiyaar preeti subhhechcha 'o' ushn abhinandan.....  ei shabdo ta theek bikaal holei suru hoye jayein pratayek bacharer Saptami, Ashtmi, Navmi aar Dashmi din-e.

And also the lighting is attractive which is well decorated and designed by the puja pandal authorities. I like the lighting, this is the only four days when seen such a beautiful lighting in the Durgapur town, everywhere where my eyes go. Came to the lighting topic .... I share with you something .... just see below to watch a beatiful lighting show, which I found on Youtube... I am sure you will say WOW!.

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