have a very happy happy Durgapuja. Enjoy!

Beep.......beep.... a sound came suddenly.... I thought it was the another commercial adverts from the service provider, so I ignored and busy with my work as usual.  After one and half hour later, I get ready for the home from the office, without any reason I checked my mobile phone, and just seen this message:

When I reached at the bottom to see the sender it was one of my ex-colleague, who sent this wish message to me. I given her reply by wishing the same and after that talked on the phone for a long time. I was pleased to talk to her after a long time.

Really it is really a good occassion where all we meet together and remember each other.  The great festival of West Bengal, is just ahead only 3 days left.............

So here is my wish to all have a very happy happy Durgapuja. Enjoy!

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