Life as usual as before - Missing Puja & the Masti days.... you?

The life again running on the track as usual, after spending the Durgapuja leave for 5 days, which is very worthy in these day i.e. in Puja days. The whole city enjoy the Durgapuja fully. But from now, the life will be as usual. The same routine to came to office and go to home. No masti… and only tension and horrible moment which stucks every time when we reach at office.

But we thought like that, the office hour are boring, but think about it when we sit idle at home, how we feel? I think everybody feel bored at home. So its just the way we think about it. Everybody’s thinking is different.

I thought it because today is our office started, and there is no huge work and no tension so its like the feeling bored and sit idle at office. Also we found less attendance in the offices after the festival day as because many of them gone in there home, some are gone to puja vacation, a long tour etc. etc.

Anyway the Durgapuja give us the some relax for enjoy the our own time with family and friends and to enjoy the time with masti..fully masti.

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