Who is the best friend in your idle time?

After a long time, I am here again to write something I mean thoughts which never stops.  Past days were hectic and I became idle as I had less jobs in my hands. So I have nothing to do except to be an idle man.  I get sometime today, as our office is close.  So I decided to write something after a long period.

There is nothing to do today except listening to music.  But in the search of the music I found many sites who provide 24x7 online FM Radio.  Few days ago I searched http://www.in.com which I used to listen the FM. And today the lists is going lengthy from http://onlinefmradio.in/ to http://www.planetradiocity.com/.
Also I passed my time with searching the jobs whole day, but what I am searching is unknown and it have no meaning to search. But I have to still pass the time because a day have a 24 hrs.  I searched and searched one by one from where I got some jobs, but sorry to say that was not for me, it's say something assistant engineer / officers etc which neither matched with my qualification nor matched my profile.
Now I am thinking about how to pass the time, but have option yaar....orkuting or games or facebook! I think they are the best friends for the idle people, isn't?

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