How to remove backgorund image, which comes by dialing any phone number

After a long time again I'm here...but I've a problem that is related to mobile phone. As I have a little idea about this mobile apps and also I use less often. I've a NOKIA C5 and by mistake or you may say while exploring the mobile phone and its applications, I done something wrong, by which when I call any contacts I getting a background picture. I don't know to remove this picture from the contact.

I explored the phone again and the image which displaying backside while calling, I opened it and checked its feature and got a option which display add to contact but I am not finding how to remove it.

I have also googled it but not find any support related to this problem and also visited Nokia website but not find anything which will assure me and get rid from this tension.

If someone know about it please write down in my comment section so that I can be able to released from this tention.

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