Excited to enjoy the feast at our office premises in the great winter in December

Winter is here and almost everybody is planning for to go somewhere to chill out.  As I lost a chance to go to Siliguri two days ago and my friends are gone there.  But I could not go with them because of my illness. Sorry you don't know what happened in past month.

As I was met an accident one month ago.  That accident was happen at near Michael Madhusudan Memorial College, Bhagat Singh More near about 9 pm onwards and it was happen due to a boulder / brick which was lying on the road and I could not able to see it in the dark night. And I cannot concentrate on the bike and its skided on the road.

On the accident day I wear the helmet which prevent me from danger.  Thanks God.

I got some would on the face which cured after 4 stitches. I am well now and everything is fine.  And today is a fest in our office premises. So I am excited.  After a big gap its come again to enjoy the winter season and the party every night at Durgapur.

So what's your programme for the great winter season and the month of December.

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