Another Sunday - with struggle in life - music in life - and masti with life - Funday again.

Another Sunday - that is Fun-day, isn't? The past some days I have many thoughts... and i wanted to get them into reality but you know there is a problem... oh sorry...not one...many. Leave it here otherwise you feel boring by reading and waste your Fun-day.

But some question is always circled in my mind that - Why we struggle in life? Is struggle is the other name of life? It would not be fun to live, if there is no struggles to face to live our dreamed life?

Yeah, everybody wants to live in his/her way. A struggle-less life!

But the truth is we never live a real life without struggle.  Struggles in life keeps us strong and to keep fight to live the life fully. If there is no struggle then there is no life. Thinking about our childhood, when we are faced problem to stand on our feet, there are uncountable fall - that is call struggle to keep on.

Life is battle. One's success have failures & unhappiness. AND Life is Music on which we rhythm.

Oh...sorry........why i am here today...........forget....Found this is very coool on YouTube video..... Annalisa's wedding ceremony musician performances are an amazing and affordable way to turn a special occasion into an extraordinary event of a lifetime that will be remembered by all of your quests. Classical guitar for wedding last minute dates available. Musician for wedding, rehearsal dinners, and cocktail hours become exceptionally great experiences. - Annalisa Ewald is a magnificent wedding musician

Last time I saw a movie namely, BAND BAAJA BAARAAT - the awesome performance (Wedding Planners) of Anushka Sharma (as Shruti) and Ranveer Singh (as Bittu) was really good. See here their performance from the movie Band Baaja Baaraat in a Indian Wedding Song which is picturised in the movie ... hope you will like it tooo.... Baari Barsi......

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