Enjoy Sunday - In HOTTTT SUMMER! with Dominos Pizza now in Durgapur. - Watch cool video songs of Jennifer Lopez! - Enjoy Sunday!

So how's the weather in Durgapur today?? Sorry...sorry i knew that its HOTTTTT!! And I'm also enjoying summer a "great summer" ... its because I heard outside about the people are gossiped about the temperature is too high in their life..

So, I'm watching Jennifer Lopez song.... nothing to share more now. But you feel good by watching this song...

Hope you will like it. Thanks!     Oh yeah, one tip if you are going to bore then please go asap in Junction Shopping Mall, the temperature is low there ... are yaar the centralised A.C..  Samjha karo.  And yeah one more stop in Dominos Pizza beside of Junction Shopping Mall.. Taste it! Enjoy your Sunday!

Yeah another song of Jennifer Lopez...LIVE event...

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