An entertaining Sunday with Rath Mela at Chitralaya Mela Maidaan & Olympic Circus at Gandhi More, Durgapur - If wanna stuck at home then meet the Knoxville Zoo's avian Superstar, Einstein - Amazing Parrot!

This Sunday is special, you know why?  Because this day we can enjoy & entertain this Sunday by visiting Rath Yatra Mela (Fair) at Chitralaya Mela Maidan, Durgapur and also there is another place to visit this Sunday (specially for childrens) yes that is Olympic Circus at Gandhi More, Durgapur.

So I think there is no reason to be bore with this amazing entertaining Sunday. But Monsoon is here, I'm mean in Durgapur and hope you all are enjoying the monsoon in Durgapur, and it might be one reason.  But if you really want to enjoy this Sunday then Rain will be more comfortable while going to Mela, isn't? And it will be more enjoyable.

Yeah if you stuck in home and not in mood to go to the Rath Mela in Chitralaya Mela Maidaan or Circus at Gandhi More then here is an option for you to watch this amazing Parrot (taken from YouTube)

Meet the Knoxville Zoo's avian SUPERSTAR, Einstein. 

A Happy Sunday!

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