Tension was mixed up with money which we spend on the movie Ek Tha Tiger!

What will you do when you are in tension situation?  When specially its a festive season. The situation was much worse then ever I face such.  But as I've always tried to solve the problems and get relief from the weird situation.

Yesterday, we (with my friends) go to newly release Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif's starer hindi movie Ek Tha Tiger (2012) , I thought this will be a good thing to get relief from the tension and I accepted their invitation and go for the movie in Inox (89 cinemas, Durgapur) at City Centre, (near Big Bazaar).  But as its festive day and also weekend so there are no chances to find a ticket but we managed to get in next show. End of the show they told me that why we came to watch this movie.  But like the stunt of Salman Khan and the gorgeous beauty Katrina Kaif. But the song Maasaallah disappointed as its came after end of the movie. Much disappoiting. (As I thought the song Maasaallah will be in the sequence of movie).

Anyway the tension was mixed up with money which we spend on the movie. So if you hit by tension don't forget to watch Ek Tha Tiger!

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