Welcome to Durgapur's Adda Zone!!!

This is my first post in this column, kabhikabhimeredilmeinkhyalatahai, I taken this title after a big search, I know the title is very big, but its really good and comfortable for an adda. As we all are looking for a place to get together with an adda, to express his/her views & ideas, to share each-other's problem, to say and fun with jokes, to learn new things, to create a relation, because it will never be buy from a shop. So its all for you (and me also), whose I given the name of Durgapur's Adda Zone. If you have any ideas then share in this column about changes, how make it good, what content will be published here etc. etc., I hope you will co-operate.
How you feel about Durgapur, the changing durgapur to a city to a big city. Anddddd.... don't forget to catch my older post here.
Have a good day.

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