My college life (2) - I Learn Time Management

Read ahead from my previous post.

As you will aware that I am also engage in a part time job during my college life. For this I have to maintain my time effectively and also I have able to got the trick about how to generate time effectively or you can say that I have solved the problem of how to be a good in time making, i.e., I learnt from there Time Management.
And I able to on time for my work everytime and handed both work effectively. I remember those days, they are fun, when I think about that and laugh. There are few steps which I taken during my college days to generate time effectively and without taken it headache. I have to spend 15 minutes to reach at college from home by Bicycle.
1. I usually wake up at 8 am in morning, but I reduced the time and set it to 6 am in early.
2. For the above schedule, it is tough to reduce 2 hours, for this I have got a tips from one of my friend, that is, I set the timer 2 hours fast means if in the watch if there is 8 am, but actual time is 6 am....LOL.
3. I have to do part time job, its only take, half an hour but three or four times a day, that means I have to invest two and half hours a day into this job. So I firstly written the college routine serial wise from the college with my subject and also get the timing for classes accordingly.
4. Usually the classes of college are taken 45 minutes that is called one period. So accordingly I shceduled my timing for it. suppose I have class in 12 noon then I reach 12 noon also. If I have no class then I came home.
So what are you looking for, get ready for your own time management course and learn by applying it by your own.
I think nothing will do best without your own effort, do apply your own effort to make your own way.

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