My Summer Hotspot -- DIGHA's BEACH

Everyone is looking for a relief from this summer. The temperature
getting high day-to-day in and around Durgapur, there is no sign of
the Kaal Baisakhi (a type of storm), which came usually in between
March to May in the West Bengal. This storm give some relief in the
summer season, also sometime it takes vital face by destroying the
houses, trees, electric poles etc. But atleast we get some relief
from this in the summer season.

But in these days there are no sign or indicator for Kaal Baisakhi or
rain, by which we get the relief from the hot weather. The scorching
wind blowing everywhere, there is no place to get some relief from
this hot temperature.

The peoples are going to the cold places, like Shimla, Jammu for the
short-term holiday in the summer. Also sea beach is also good option
for the person who wants some relief from this hot nature. How about
to Digha's beach?

I was been there few days ago; the place is really famous in the
Eastern Region, especially in West Bengal. Because its is not far
from the Kolkata and well connected through national highway. It's
the Holiday Hotspot for the people of West Bengal.

I like beach and the deep sea or you can say that I am very much
passionate about the nature's creation. As I have the chance to be
there as because for my job, and I enjoy every time when I was there.
I love going to Digha from Durgapur, it takes only 5-6 hours from
Durgapur from rented or own vehicle. Here most of the visitors came
from Kolkata as because its takes only 2 hours from Kolkata. The
journey from Kolkata to Digha is only 2 hours and from Durgapur to
Digha is 6 hours. And the communication or transportation is good
from both location. There are many tourist agencies organize the
buses for Digha. I also used to go on Friday or Saturday. These days
are more crowded day in Digha and also a best place to hangout,
especially in summer for 1 or 2 days. That's why this is the best
attraction for the nearby people.

So what's waiting for, go and hang around at the beaches of Digha, the
best and lowest cost estimated hotspot in the summer.


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