VGA camera of my mobile can't take the snap or photo which I want

As in my hobbies, photography one of them. I like to shoot the nature, a real and fantastic photograph from our daily life.  And collect them for the memory of that unforgetable moments.  But I miss it every time as because VGA camera of  my mobile can't take the snap or photo which I want.
I am feeling very upset as what I have missed in previous two days.  There is a really a superb nature which I saw but i missed to capture in the frame. 

I want to capture that moment when the Kaal Baisakhi (Often during early summer, dusty squalls followed by spells of thunderstorm and heavy rains lash the city, bringing relief from the humid heat. These thunderstorms are convective in nature, and is locally known as Kal baisakhi) attacked the Durgapur two days ago.  The speed of the wind is much rough, which destroyed the many signboards from the shops, uprooted the trees, cut off the electricity power because of breaking the wire by the wind and stable the life for a while.  Going to the office I saw many trees laying on the road and a group of people cut them separately. I missed it to catch it in my camera.  Also i missed the Rainbow came after the rain for few minutes, which is looking really superb. And I saw it after a long time a beatiful Rainbow and fallen trees caused by thunderstorm winds in Durgapur.

I am upset because I can't share with you the photographs.

I prepared to buy a Digital Camera and also I choosen in at a Sony showroom.  But all are in vein as because pocket cannot give me the support to buy the Digital Camera.  But hope to buy it soon as possible and I collected the amount for the same and hope it'll be available soon in my hands and I will be able to shoot the photographs, what I want.

Read this beatiful poem of Kaal Baisakhi.

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