Yeh Mera India - A Good Movie!

The New Year 2010 is going to tough for know why??? Work pressure yaar. Getting bore from day-to-day work. But in meantime I have enjoyed a movie named Yeh Mera India! In office offcourse, not in cineplex or in theatre. I was busy with my work, but getting more work pressure has been the reason for my headache.

So to get rid from the headache I saw the movie N. Chandra's Yeh Mera India! (Y.M.I.). Firstly, I thought about to listening songs, but sudden I remember that I have a movie in my Pen Drive which was given by my friend and he also assured me that you will like it. As he is well aware about my watching movie habit and the choices. So I accepted that movie!
So on that day (well its thursday) I saw the movie, I have no concentration on movie before I start. But when I run the movie on the computer, I can't leave after its full completion. Really a nice movie. But this movie was not hitted on the box office nor I saw any banner in Durgapur of this movie. But its really a nice arrangement of clipping parts and well performance by each and every actor and actress.
Yeah don't forget the Ram Pal Yadav who played a good roll in the movie. Afterall the movie is really superb and you will be entertain as well as learn something from that movie. After completion of the movie I feel good and now again work! But I have no headache then.

Have you watched that movie, if yes then share your feelings and write in the comment!

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