My first day of college

Valentine has been gone, but there are many hearts are still looking for someone. Really a good day for love to find someone special and for propose. The love is a nice combination of life, without love have no life. I have many memories which I shall continue from here, the first one will be my college life..

I never been in love with anyone, I don't know what is a love? I seen my friends who have a love life, it's looks good to me. I remember my college life, when I attracted to a girl, she is looking nice, have well figure and her eyes are really a deep open sea with blues water fill it properly. The first day of college when I was in my classroom she sit besides one bench from me. I saw her first time. And that day she wore white colored salwaar suit which given her a angel look.

I found her a nice girl, as usual all boys are find any girl in their first meet, without talking or without introduction about the girls. As I am not sooo..soo well fan of girls, because I have lots of tension of my works too. Oh sorry, I forget to mention at the time of my college I also engaged in a part time job in Durgapur as because I have no other alternative to find out the other way of money to continue my study. I have heard many gossip about the college harassment of first day, kya kahte hai use...haa..ragging. That means ragging is the way of welcome to newcomers in institute or colleges. And also some friends are warned me about it and given me caution notice. But in college premises I never find this word. May be I saved from it by chance.

More in next column....
Cheer up, the worst is yet to come.

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