Bristi Veja Sarot Aakash, Sieuli Fuler Gandho,

One year paassed and the Durgapuja is on the door.  I just received one message two days ago regarding the intimation of Durgapuja, which is coming soon.  This message was sent by one of my good friend/ex-colleague from Durgapur.  Really the Durgapuja is always a days of party and enjoyment.

Here's the message for which I came to write to share and also give you the information about how many days are left for the party...

The message is in Bengali Language, hope you will like it......

Bristi Veja Sarot Aakash, Sieuli Fuler Gandho,
Maa Asche Abaar Ghore, Dorja Kano Bandho?
Pujo Elo Tai To Abaar Bajna Bajaay Dhaki,
Din Gune Dekho, PUJO Aste 31 Din Baaki....

Tai aamio chole elaam jaante je pujo aar kayek din baaki...aabbar 4 diner chutti...aar sei ghure barano....resteurant-e khawa dawa.....aar raat abdhi ghure barano maja tai na?

So be ready to enjoy the coming 4 days in Puja.

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