The Sunday - A Funday

The Sunday, a funday for all! It's the day for which we look out throughout the six days..isn't? And finally its come for only and only for one days. The Sunday is more popular among the salaried person who get tired to doing 8 to 5 jobs Mondy to Saturday, getting one day for their own, no tension for boss, no headahche, no office work, absolutely free for his own life! Also its popular among the students and childrens, who feeling bored to go school, college, tutions everyday and childrens who waiting for the day to enjoy with their parents.
Like them, I am also waited for the day, for my own. I get bored to go everyday in office job. So I eagrly waited for last six days. The best thing about Sunday is everybody, keep thinking and making their plan during their formal days that, what will they at their own day. Like me, I have planned to enjoy my Sunday by watching a movie in 89 Cinemas or Inox, Durgapur in my two wheeler bike and shopping in BIG BAZAAR. I don't know I can enjoy or not because when I am on the day which I was waiting, is finally in my hand but have more work to do. So, I can't say I will go for Inox or not.
Having some important works to do, so i think it's not possible for this Sunday. Yeah if you have planned yourself, how you spend your Sunday, and having some time then you can watch the latest snaps of City Centre, Durgapur which I found from an another blog. The snaps were taken carefully and looking beautiful. Have an enjoyable Sunday!

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