A remarkable and unpleasant incident (Part-1)

Finally, I got...yes...I got the 3 days leave from the office and hoping you are also free from your office job, studies as well. I am here again and wish you all a very happy diwali "the festival of lights".
Today I am going to share you a true story, which is always been seen in our surrounding areas. This is nothing but a funny story, hope you will enjoy it well.
Have you ever seen a little thing or incident among the people who used to live in a rented house? I think most of people are aware about the little quarrel or incident among the people who live in a rented house. I am going to write an interesting incident, which took place in my locality or surrounding area where I live, Oh yeah I forget to tell you that…I also live in a rented house.

I don’t know why people elongated a small thing for a little cause and sometime it may take longer time to solve, and in the meantime it always be puzzled for all of them. Now it’ll be better to tell you the story, by which you will be able to know what exactly happened. I have stretched in a three part, you know why? As because I am very weak in English language and grammar……LOL, so I am taking time to write in a good manner by which, you may understood in simple way.

As I said above that I live in a rented house, excluding me there are four other families used the same complex. This incident is nothing but for just a little cause, that is to put off the light of toilet. This toilet used by all the person living in the house. But problem arises when the landlord noticed all of them to must have switch off the light of the toilet after its use, if they do not that so then the electric connection of the light of the toilet will be disconnected. Now you will have a question arises in your mind that why he want to disconnect the line? And also you have thinking like it, it was in his scope, and also he was getting rent for it. But what you thought is not true; the lights in toilets were not included in the rent. After that the quarrel started among them to point of that who will be switch off the light. Few days passed and this small cause taken a broad way. And finally after a few days, they are used the toilet without switch-on of the light.

I am really astonished that such a definite and complexible step had been taken to solve only a minimum activity of a job.

The story will be continue in next part…… So, please checkout PART-2.


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