Get the data entry job for one day!!!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday had been passsed. Now its Saturday. But nothing happen anything new in those days. I always dreamed about these days that how its passed in so hurry? I can't be able to do anything new except a new job, but only for one (1) day. As I am working in a pvt. concern and have to spend my all the day in this job, 10 am to 9 pm. NO... not 11 hours duty...I getting 4 hours off for lunch in between, and its so harrassed me to do this job, because I feel bored to doing same job continue and stick into it all the time (24x6) But can't do anything. But I wanted to use my 4 hours for a good cause.

On Wednesday I had get the information about a data entry job from one of my friend who live in Benachity, Durgapur. The job was all about data entry and the office in Bidisha, City Centre. The place in heart of the city Durgapur. The nearest location is Big Bazar, Inox, Bengal Shrishti etc. I gone there on Thursday and colleted the information about the Data entry job. The job is containing to feed the data into excel spreadsheet from written manuscript or written form. They interviewed me and appointed me as part time worker (I told them that I have only 4 hour). On first day I have worked 2:30 hrs, the duration is including the training, how to feed the data, they indicated me how to read the written form and how to feed the data into spreadsheet. I have understand it in good way and done the job. But next day when I reached there office to do the job, they told me that they have enough data entry operator to do the job, and also said to me that, you are only work part time, but I have many candidates who will give their full time. So I can't leave them. They are right on their own view. I cannot pressured them, and get left from there.

Except it nothing happen anything new. I had thought that I will spend my 4 hours time into this job so that I can be able to use my time in good ways and also have earn some money from doing data entry in my spare time, the best part of that job was there is no entry fees, means its totally free of cost to join this job. Now again I am there, where I am! Now trying to look out anothing opportunity!

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